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Inflation Pressure

The tyres on your vehicle are responsible for transmitting all steering, driving and braking forces from your vehicle to the road. Poor inflation pressure maintenance can compromise your car’s performance and therefore your safety. Regular tyre pressure checks will also minimise the cost of motoring by improving fuel consumption and tyre life. Check your vehicles tyre placard for your vehicles recommended tyre inflation pressures.

When do tyre inflation pressures need to be checked and adjusted?

  • Inflation pressures need to be checked and adjusted when the tyres are cold, before the vehicle is driven.
  • Inflation pressure checks every 2 weeks is considered optimum, every 4 weeks could be considered a maximum interval between inflation pressure checks.

Where do I find the recommended tyre inflation pressure for my vehicle?

The vehicle’s tyre placard will include the vehicle manufacturer’s tyre inflation pressure recommendations. On most vehicles the tyre placard can usually be found in the driver’s door jamb. On some vehicles the tyre placard may be in the glove-box, under the bonnet or behind the fuel filler flap.

  • The vehicle owner’s handbook usually includes the vehicle manufacturer’s tyre inflation pressure recommendations. Contact the tyre manufacturer for their inflation pressure recommendations.
  • Keep in mind that if you have fitted a tyre size to your vehicle that is different from the original equipment tyre size, the tyre recommendations on the vehicle’s tyre placard and in the owners handbook may not be suitable.